green wedding guest inspiration

Serene Green Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration

Wedding season is about to begin! Whether your calendar is packed full of spring weddings or you’re jetting off to a destination wedding, you want to put your best foot forward. Let nature be your muse and embrace the serene tones of green.

A key colour in occasion wear this season, we have a gorgeous range of green fascinators and headbands encompassing the full palette. From earthy olive to deep teal, we have the perfect accompaniment for your wedding guest or race day outfit! 

1. Lime

Make a statement in the vivacious vibrancy of lime hues, adding a refreshing pop of colour to your outfit. Our gorgeous Layla feather headband in the Lime is the perfect addition to your outfit. 



2. Cut-outs

Explore the allure of cut-outs, subtly showcasing glimpses of skin for an alluring and modern twist on traditional silhouettes. 


3. Sage

Soft, serene, and effortlessly sophisticated, sage hues offer a timeless charm that harmonises beautifully with any wedding setting. Weather a beautiful sage dress or a hint of sage in a hair accessory such as our Mary-Beth sage fascinator! 


4. Olive Tones

Embrace the earthy richness of olive shades, evoking a sense of organic beauty and natural grace. Compliment any any fit with our stunning Natalia Fascinator in Olive , perfect for wedding guest, bridesmaids and race-day! 

5. Jump-suits

For a contemporary and fashion-forward approach, consider the effortless chicness of a jumpsuit, offering both style and comfort as you celebrate love in its purest form. 




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